De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch
"The Total Package"

Vickie McQuinn and Johnny Lanier are THE BEST!  

I had dreamt of owning a horse since I was two years old, but it wasn’t until I was middle-aged that I  finally bought a Paso Fino from De Los Mejores Ranch.  They introduced me to the breed and, with infinite patience, trained my horse specifically to my needs, gave me riding lessons and taught me equine husbandry.  Since then, with their help, I have won a Regional Championship and raised two foals of my own.  Most recently, Vickie helped me overcome a major health setback so now, in my 60’s, I enjoy my Paso Fino even MORE than before... doing trail rides and horse camping trips together.  That well-known Paso smile shines permanently from my face!  Thank you, Vickie and Johnny!   

Linda, Clovis CA

Hi Vickie and Johnny,

Went to Clinton Anderson today had a great time watching him with the horses. All the ground work, He worked with horses that people had recently bought. And I am sending you this e-mail to thank you for the foundation you gave me with Pasion. I knew I was blessed to have one of your horses but boy do I appreciate it more now.  I would never be doing what I am with her if she came from anyone else

Thank You Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Lyn, Vista CA

Vickie and Johnny are wonderful horse people. 

I just cannot say enough good things about them, their family, their animals and their ranch. I've known them for about 12 years and have learned everything I know about horses from them. My particular passion is trail riding and horse camping. They have taught me the very basics to the technicalities of traveling/trailering, camping, mountain riding and obstacle work, while always keeping safety and the best interest of the horse in mind. They know my capabilities, as well as my horse's, and I can call them for feedback at anytime. How they keep us all straight is beyond me! I try to remember and thank them often for putting such an incredible foundation on my horse. Vickie and Johnny, as well as their horses, are brilliant! 


Betsy, Fallbrook, CA


I have bred to De Los Mejores Paso Fino stallions and they trained and showed a horse of mine to a West Coast Championship. They do what they say and the horses always come first.

Jaci in Phoenix AZ


I have known Vickie and Johnny for over 20 years.  I know that they have been training the horses in this breed longer than that.  As far as I am concerned, they have been a major asset to the care and training of Paso Fino Horses.  You will not find better trainers for your horse, whether it is a beginning trail horse or experienced show horse. The attention to detail they pay to taking care of your horse or giving their clients individual attention for lessons or showing is unmatched by anyone. Their facility is always impeccably clean and welcoming to their clients.  On a personal note: Johnny, Vickie and their family are the most honest, friendly and fun to be with!  They have the highest integrity of anyone I know.


David, Acton CA.



De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch

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I purchased a beautiful horse that came with some extra baggage! The orginal owner loved Sadie, but really didn't know much about horses. He left the halter on her and it eventually grew into her left side and had to be cut out. This created her to be fearful of anyone on her left side. Then when he needed to shoe or give her shots, he would squeese her between two panels. Needless to say, Sadie was extremely claustrophobic!


I knew then; that I needed a trainer that would understand what she had gone through and the compassion to give her the time she needed to over come her fears. I was on the search for the PERFECT trainer!


Then as if it was meant to be, I went to a clinic in Idaho for Vickie McQuinn and Johnny Lanier! What a blessing this was! When I observed Vickie's training and the love she had for horses, I knew she was the one I needed to take Sadie too!


Sadie stayed with Vickie for four months. Vickie worked hard on Sadie, but gave her the time she needed to adapt to the new world she was about to embark on.  Vicki was fantastic! I could not have made a better decision for Sadie.  During that time, Vickie had to construct a saddle piece by piece for Sadie. She was terrified of everything. Slowly, Sadie learned that she was being taken care of and loved and was willing to learn more each day.


The day finally came when I could get on her! What a great feeling it was! Sadie has over come all of her fears now and never took the bad things she learned on the ground to her back. She is a fantastic horse and I have Vickie to thank for that!


I've have shown her in many shows and completed OTC Challenges with her. The attached photo is the last OTC Challenge were Sadie came in third! This was the final OTC Challenge as there were three that she needed to compete in!


I highly recommend Vickie to everyone that is seeking a trainer! She is fantastic and I love her for everything she has done for Sadie and for the things that she has taught me!


Betty, Grantsville, Utah



 Renee,Tucson AZ on her De Los Mejores stallion Gavalon.



I have known Johnny Lanier and Vickie McQuinn for 15 years. During that time I purchased 3 horses, all who won championships, and had 15 different horses trained by them. One of the horses I bought , Lindita DLM, won 4th in Performance Mares at a Confepaso International Competition.


I grew up in the quarter horse world where I rode with one rein in a western saddle. I was such a novice when it came to Paso Finos that they had to teach me to ride with two reins.


They are excellent trainers and I highly recommend them to anyone that wants a very well trained and responsive horse whether the horse is for show or for pleasure. Johnny and Vickie give them a sound base to start with. They take their time in training and do not push the horse past what the horse can handle at the time.


They also are very honest and fair trainers. They do not charge for time that your horse is not being trained. If they go to a show or are on vacation, they do not charge for the training of the horse. They just charge for board. Most trainers that I know, charge whether they are training the horse or not.


Vickie knew of my fear of heights. She trained my trail horse to move slowly down hills and to watch where he was putting his feet. I live in a very rocky area. Not only do we have to watch where we are taking the horse, we also have to watch out for cactus and rattle snakes. My horses are very responsible horses and that is only due to the training that they had from De Los Mejores!


In my opinion, you can’t find better trainers for whatever breed of horse you may have.

Renee,Rancho Segunda Vez, Tucson, Az