De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch
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De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch

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Our Youth Program

A Scavenger Hunt at De Los Mejores

 We treat your kids like they were our own.


Some of our youth showing off the ribbons they won at a local show.

From left to right, Justin, Madison, Emily, Morgan, Karmen, and Savannah standing.


 Savannah, at a show with Johnny, showing off her blue ribbon. 

Lessons are a big part of most equine programs but our youth program isn't just designed around equitation and lessons.  Our students learn to respect and care for horses, while having fun with them. They also learn responsibility, team work and good sportsmanship by participating in the fun days we have through out the year. There they can practice what they have learned, going on trail rides, scavenger hunts and competing in fun shows.




Walking calmly on trail and being courteous to others.



Learning about water and just

 plain having fun


Finding clues and holding the horse properly.

Fun Shows


Paso Fino Horse Association Shows

Edward winning Performance Youth on Capistrana de Monsenor


Emily, wins Fino Youth 13 to 17, and Fino Youth Championship under 2 judges at the 2013 Ashville Alive Paso Fino Show in Ashville, NC


And when Emily and Sarifina aren't winning Fino Youth Championships they are here at De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch enjoying hanging out in the pond.