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De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch

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Training and Lessons



Training doesn't have to just be in an arena. We believe horses benefit from being out in a more natural enviroment.

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Horses need to be allowed to relax and there is nothing

 more relaxing than a quiet ride through the woods for

both horse and rider

Good Job   

Johnny Lanier giving one of their clients a lesson in the arena.

Trail Riding and Camping


Hanging out with your Paso Fino


Trail riding with good friends and your favorite Paso Fino horse is just the best.




If you would like to learn how to camp with your horse or would like a better trained trail or pleasure horse please contact us at the information listed below.



Click on the video to see an example of Vickie McQuinn doing an Obsticle Trail Demo. 

 Grand National Champion Trail Horse Pensamiento de La Valle. Owner Staige DeBenedetti. Trained and shown by Vickie McQuinn


 Reserve Grand National Champion Bella Forma Gelding and Reserve National Champion Bella Forma Gelding, Oro Fino DLM. Owner Staige DeBenedetti. Trained and shown by Vickie McQuinn and Johnny Lanier


Johnny working a horse in the covered round pen.

A safe round pen is a good place to work a young horse


if you have done your basics then moving to the arena is a joy to both the horse and the trainer


Two Paso Fino horses enjoying a safe, well set up camp site after a day of trailing riding.


Seeing beautiful country from the back of a Paso Fino Horse... Priceless!!!

Vickie working with a group of Paso Fino trail riders


Heading back to camp after a fun day of trail riding.


De Los Mejores owners and trainers, Johnny Lanier and Vickie McQuinn offer clients a wide variety of training styles and modalities while maintaining a pretty simple training philosophy… all horses are individuals and should be trained as individuals, taking their temperament and abilities into consideration. They also feel training a trail horse is just as important as training a show horse.

Johnny and Vickie feel regardless of what the horses are to be used for, they should be taught the basics and have a solid foundation. A well trained horse is a willing horse.  A well trained horse and rider is a unit that works willingly as a team rather than in opposition. Your lessons are included in the training fee. They encourage you to come and learn your horse and how it is trained

All horses that are in for training are ridden out on trails at the ranch and not just worked in an arena setting. This helps to keep the horses’ mind fresh. The ability and temperament of the horse is taken into account at all times.

Johnny and Vickie train horses to compete in shows as well as teach their students to compete in the ring. They also offer a program that includes hauling your horse to a show and showing it for you or helping you to show as an amateur owner.

Another thing that makes De Los Mejores so special as a training facility is the fact that Johnny and Vickie don’t just show their Paso Finos, they pleasure ride, and camp with them as well.

De Los Mejores also offers an extensive ridding program for both adults and youth. Students are taught how to work together with the horse and to understand how what they do affects their horse. Private or group lessons are available

De Los Mejores offers a wonderful youth program that you can read about by going to the youth program page.



"We also have guest quarters available for our out of area clients with horses in training".