De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch

"The Total Package"

Johnny Lanier with Cardinal

De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch

PO Box 511  Kershaw, S.C.  29067


 De Los Mejores Paso Fino Horse Ranch came about in 1985, when trainers, Vickie McQuinn and Johnny Lanier decided to combine their talents and start their own Paso Fino Breeding and Training Ranch.


Johnny learned about Paso Fino horses in North Carolina, in the early years of the breed.  As fate would have it Johnny ended up in California where he worked for a large Paso Fino ranch.


Vickie had been working with thoroughbreds in Clovis, CA when she took the position of ranch manager and trainer at Centaur Paso Finos, one of the first Paso Fino ranches in California. The owner had passed away and his son who lived out of state needed someone to help him make heads and tails out of the place.   


Vickie and Johnny met at a Paso Fino horse show and the rest, as they say, was history.



The name they chose for their Paso Fino ranch was De Los Mejores, which means “With the Best”. That name has proven to be true. Their horses are “With the Best” whether showing, competing in competitive trail events or personal trail riding.


In 2009 Vickie and Johnny decided to move their operation from the facility they built in Clovis, Ca. to Kershaw, S. Carolina. The move was a huge undertaking, but the fact that many of their long time clients/friends moved their horses to the Kershaw facility to stay with them made the move even more rewarding.


If you visit De Los MejoresPaso Fino Horse Ranch you will find Vickie and Johnny doing what they love...riding and training Paso Fino Horses.



Vickie McQuinn



De Los Mejores owners and trainers, Vickie McQuinn and PFHA judge Johnny Lanier